P2: Make something feel like this!

For your second project, you should create a simple 3D world game toy (not really a game, since there are no enemies or goals).

The project is due at 5pm on Friday Sept 28.

The world should be a large flat surface, which a texture of some sort on it so you can see the 3D space, distances, etc.  The world should have a bunch of cubes in it.  In this way, it is similar to the simple world in Example 1-1 from the book (see the runnable example on Swink’s webpage).  Unlike example 1-1, you should not use a 1st person view, but rather a 3rd person view of an avatar composed of a few primitive objects (spheres and/or cubes, for example).  You can use a similar avatar as P1, or change it as you desire, but please stick to a few primitive shapes (i.e., no animated 3D models).

As with the first project, in this project you should focus on creating an avatar that can move around in the world, and jump on and off the cubes you’ve scattered throughout the world.   The avatar should move around using a combination of the ASWD keys and the mouse, and use the space bar to jump.  The main task of the assignment is to create a single avatar behavior that would be described by someone else using 2 of the following adjectives :
  • pensive
  • dreamy
  • bashful
  • joyful
  • arrogant
  • sinister
  • seductive
  • heroic
You should use textures, motion of the avatar parts, graphical effects, and sounds (background sounds and/or sound effects), as you see fit:  do whatever you can to create a compelling experience for the player.
Unlike P1, you are free to use the physics engine if you want.  However, you should carefully consider if you want to do that, or if you want to control the animations as you did in P1.  The choice is yours.
You will turn your project in two ways:
  1. By zipping up the entire Unity project and uploading it to t-square.   Please keep your assets small (if you use textures and sounds), and remove any unused assets before you zip up the project, so that the upload is as small as possible.
  2. By creating a blog post on this blog, under the category “Project 2”.  As with assignment 0, these will not show up on the home page, only under the category page.  NOTE:  you are to publish your game to the web, you are not supposed to just provide a link to something to download.  You can either use the WP_Unity plugin to post it inline on the blog, or publish it to your own website and link to that page.  If you publish in your blog post, PLEASE use the “more tag” ABOVE the unity plugin so that the page of full posts does not have unity games on it.


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