Runner 2: testing and tuning, check out this short post

I mentioned the Humble Bundle in class, which inspired me to go play one of the games from the bundle that I hadn’t played yet.  The one I’d been wanting to play for a while is BIT.TRIP RUNNER, and I highly recommend checking it out and playing it with an eye toward the game feel ideas we’ve been talking about.

Poking around, I noticed the BIT.TRIP team are working on Runner2. Reading the blog, I saw a post on their dev blog about their playtesting, which is a nice short example you should look at.  While this focuses on things beyond feel  (primarily, this post talks about testing and level balance) it gives you a great example of the work you need to do to make a real game good.  In this example, they are playing through all the levels (likely  for the Nth time) and focusing on the progression of difficulty.

(As an aside, if you are making a game, a dev blog is a great idea, once you have things you want feedback on).

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