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Assignment One

Assignment One: So for assignment one I drew a fractal on top of the tracked image, in this case a bunch of random circles.  The fractal uses the relative location of the phone as a seed value to draw the rest of itself.  The IPhone 4S I was testing with doesn’t have a whole lote […]

Assignment 1

The idea is to create a visual representation of the target and then give the user the ability to manipulate the AR object by using markers as well as phone’s sensor data. The idea behind creating visual representation was to avoid the drawbacks of mapping content directly upon the real world target. Once we build […]

Assignment 1 – Hitesh

Tetris in AR The assignment was an effort to try simulating the game of Tetris in an AR environment. The Image target was a game logo of Tetris. The main setup of the game consists of a horizontal bar surrounded by two vertical bars at the end. Two frame markers were used to introduce blocks/cubes […]

Assignment 1 – Croquet Reloaded

Idea A simple game of Croquet, modified for continuous interaction. The aim is to pass the ball through the hoop at the other end. You have 3 colored balls which get triggered by 3 frame markers. By moving the frame marker left/right you can control the direction of the ball. Will you fail or succeed? Implementation 1. Initital […]

assignement 1 [Aurelien]

The idea is to provide a little game nothing to fancy. You are on leaves map and you have to catch a mousquito with a spider.The goal is display on the map, and a frame give you the distance from the mousquito when you are close to it, the mousquito is displayed as catch. At […]

Assignment 1

My idea is that for a game called “Zoology” where children can learn information about animals from AR Experiences. The experience is similar to learning new things such as identifying animal traits and relations among animals as one would discover either by visiting a zoo or reading from a bit. The advantages being it is […]

Assignment 1

My idea is that of a racing game. The “real”would draw upon a number of features from this small demo application. I feel AR can be used in the next generation of games including board games. Right now it is demo drag racing in which the rate at which the car move is determined by […]

Assignment I – Through a Child’s Eyes

AR Experience using Argon, demonstrating image tracking and 3D augmenting URL : http://cc.gatech.edu/~msati3/argon/basic2.html Markers: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~msati3/argon/Virtual%20Environments%20Assignment%20I.pdf Youtube: http://youtu.be/dg8zVCJZCOk   Description of the Experience: I invite you to see the world through the eyes of a child, sharing his/her bewilderment and fantasy in what seems to be a drab world to us adults. In this environment, I augment […]

Assignment 1 – AlbumFinder

When chosen album jacket image is shown to iPhone camera, the name of album appears on the jacket image. When the artist marker comes in, the picture of artists will show up. When the song marker comes in, the title of songs in that album will show up depending on the angle the marker is […]

Assignment 1 – Petanque Game

The game implemented here is a petanque game. The frame marker with a red ball represents the jack while the other one represents the ball. First, the jack has to be thrown on the play field. Then, the aim is to throw the ball as close a possible to the jack. The application remembers the […]

Assignment 1 : ShapeShifter

What I wanted to do : I wanted to create an experience where the image target would act as the Canvas. 1) When only the image is tracked it would draw we would only be able to 3D Objects on the scree. 2) Introducing the reaction marker would prompt a change in shape of the […]

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Link: http://anshulbh.netai.net/1.html Marker PDF: http://anshulbh.netai.net/Printables.pdf The Real Experience The idea was to create a more interactive environment to study chemical reactions and chemical bonds using an augmented reality environment. The students should be able to view chemical reactions in the form of an equation from a distance but can have a look at a […]

Assignment 1

My design is based on the game Monopoly. I enrich this fun game by mixing with Virtual Environment. This extension will help to achieve a better user experience. The items for this game are: a game board which serves the map, one marker for dice and several markers for game characters. The dice marker will […]

Assignment 1: Plants V.S. Zombies

In this assignment I tried to simulate a simple process of Plants V.S. Zombies. The program is not complex. It is just a test on whether it is possible to migrate the game onto Argon. I used its game cover as a reference image. When the device finds the target, it will display the playing […]

Assignment 1

My idea for assignment 1 was to create a voxel editor. The image target would act as a grid for displaying the model as created by the user. A moving marker called the locator would be used to position each voxel. The voxel would be created at the locator’s position when a trigger marker was […]

[Bo Pang] Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Augmented Reality Tower Defense Description: In this assignment, I tried to create an AR tower defense game with argon. The basic idea is using an image target as the game map where 3D graphics, such as enemies and virtual map, are displayed on it. A 3D CSS object is added to the image […]

Assignment 1

Description of experience: My experience is centered around the image target which has a 3D model of a duck that is surrounded by moving spheres that will change color based on the orientation of a color changing marker.  Also a second marker has an attached 3D model of a duck that changes its size based […]

Ruge Assignment 1 – Pirate Map

Grading will be as follows: Display non-trivial 3D content (HTML and WebGL) relevant to your experience, in the space of the image target. (3/10) – Ring portal to look through. – Use of position, and 3d quaternion calculations to determine location and rotations Handle tracking gracefully, in particular when the image target or a marker […]

[Argon] Assignement 1

Assignment 1 : Motherboard and processor. My idea is to use Argon to help technician while assembling computer. Indeed, for a given motherboard, only a set of processor can be put on it. Then, if both board and processor can be identified by computer vision, an augmented reality device can be designed to provide feedback. […]