Medical AR from 1992 to 2009

Week 2 Paper Discussion:

Main Paper:

  1. Bajura, M., Henry Fuchs, Ryutarou Ohbuchi (1992). Merging virtual objects with the real world: seeing ultrasound imagery within the patient. ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics

Additional Papers:

  1. Sielhorst, T., Marco Feuerstein, and Nassir Navab (2008). Advanced Medical Displays: A Literature Review of Augmented Reality. Jourmal of Display Technology, Vol 4, No 4, December 2008
  2. Bichlmeier, C., Sandro Michael Henning, Marco Feuerstein, and Nassir Navab (2009). The Virtual Mirror: A New Interaction Paradigm for Augmented Reality Environments. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Vol 28, No 9, September 2009.

The literature review covers the development of medical AR from Bajura’s pioneering work at UNC through to the state of the art for operating room AR. An upcoming conference, MIAR 2013, is still accepting papers for their Fall meeting. Recent conference proceedings since publication of Virtual Mirror [Bichlmeier 09] have not presented substantial new implementations specific to AR, so this paper can be considered state of the art. While not heavy on algorithms or systems design, this paper has accessible descriptions, motivating discussion, and enough detail to replicate the studies.

As an HCI/User Centered Design student, I personally appreciated the treatment given to evaluation and usability testing.