Below is a schedule for the class.  We will update this page if the schedule changes, and post to blog about the changes.

Date Travel Topic Assignment
Jan 7 Overview, Intro (1-overview, 2-intro)
Jan 9 What are VEs, AR, ARG, History of AR, Applications
(Bowman: 1 & 2 & 12.1, Sutherland: Ultimate Display)
Jan 14 What are VEs, AR, ARG, History of AR, Applications (cont’d)
Background Paper: Brooks: What’s real about VR
Jan 16 Discussant papers: Bajura: Ultrasound,  Hodges et al: Fear of Heights,  Schell et al: Theme-park VR
Jan 21 MLK Holiday — NO CLASS
Jan 23 Argon, VE’s and the Web
Background Paper: MacIntyre:  Argon
Jan 28 Argon hands on, tech demos
Jan 30 3D Tracking: Devices (5-tracking-technology)
Discussant paper: Foxlin, shoe-mounted
Feb 4 3D Tracking: Vision a1 out
Feb 6 Discussant papers: Izadi, KinectFusion; Reitmayr and Drummond, Going Out
Feb 11 project pitches and discussion
Feb 13 VE Displays and Perception
Discussant paper: Arsenault and Ware
Feb 20 VE Displays
Background: Bowman Ch 3
Discussant papers: Ye/State/Fuchs, tabletop autostereo;  Hua, Scape
Project Proposal due
Feb 25 VE Design Principles
Background: Bowman Ch 10
Feb 27 Drop Deadline Discussant papers: Schell, Xu (Pre-patterns), Tan (Task Gallery)
Mar 4 Real-time 3D graphics, VE software
Background: Bowman 8, 9
a1 in
Mar 6 Discussant papers: MacIntyre: DART (UIST), Conway: Alice, Fritsch: Everquest
Mar 11 SXSW Presence and Evaluation (Guest)
Background: Bowman Ch 11
Project Progress Reports
Mar 13 (SXSW) Discussant papers: Meehan, Brogni, Seyama a2 out
Mar 25 GDC 3D Input Devices (Guest)
Background: Bowman Ch 4
Discussant paper: Zeleznik: Pop-Through
Mar 27 GDC group work time a2 in
Apr 1 3D Interaction/Input Techniques
Background: Bowman Ch 5, 6, 7
Project Progress Reports
Apr 3 Discussant papers: Hinkley (design issues in spatial input), Tan (3d navigation)
Apr 8 3D UIs
Background: Bowman 12, 13
Apr 10 Discussant papers: Mine (proprioception), Harrison (Omnitouch)
Apr 15 EXAM
Apr 17 (project work time)
Apr 22 In class project presentations Final project materials due
Apr 24 In class project presentations 
Exam Week