Primesense sensor at CES 2013

Here’s the link to the page with the video (also embedded below) for the primesense sensor I mentioned in class.  I personally think the “story” (if you can call it that) in the video is pretty pathetic, but watch it and consider each use of the tech.  Some are good, some bad.  What I like are the ones that let you do things at a distance where no other interaction would be easy (e.g., interacting with the vacuum robot), or when your hands are otherwise occupied or messy/sterile (e.g., in the kitchen, the doctor).   I personally despise the opening “use gesture to control a presentation” (if he cared about emphasizing the importance of that pie chart, he would have scripted it, not trusted his success to a could-go-badly live “interactive demo”).  And some are silly:  would she really shop in front of her date in a public place, putting her personal info (even minimal) up for all to see?   Please consider all the proposed uses seriously when you watch.