SmARt Car is an augmented reality application meant to be integrated in a car, in order to ease the interaction of the driver with the tools usually found in a car. It is made of several tools (GPS, tachometer, …) gathered on the windshield of the car. The utility of smARt Car is twofold: providing to the driver an easy natural way to control the tools, getting information from them and understanding them in context, and reducing the amount of attention needed to use these tools.
Therefore, asking for directions and following them, monitoring the speed of the car, controlling music or getting information about the surroundings will become natural and will enhance the experience of the user as a driver, beyond the plain objective of getting from a point to another one.

The first prototype of our application is ready and the final result of our project can be seen below.

smARtcar showing nearby places of interest

smARtcar showing nearby places of interest

The current features of the application are as follows:

1)Turn by turn navigation through a virtual pointer

2) Displays places of interest near your location

3) Detailed description of nearest landmark to facilitate location discovery

You can read more about how this was achieved by going to the following link.:


Created by:

Gaurav Dhage

Gaetan Coisne

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