Geobased Memory Book

We feel closest to someone’s presence on sharing both time and physical space with them. So we tried to leverage Augmented Reality in the context of social applications by creating a Interactive 3d Photo Gallery. The application allows users to share pictures with their friends and family by uploading them at a particular geo-location. Friends can view these images in Augmented Reality view  when they arrive near that location.
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Technical Details:


  • When user enters a area, application fetches all photographs left by his circle at that geolocation.
  • Photographs are clustered together based on their tags to create albums.
  • Albums are represented by 3d models corresponding to the tags

Interactive Gallery Viewing

  • Device orientation sensors are used to determine how the photos are displayed.
  • Speed of navigation is controlled by increasing/decreasing the tilt angle.
  • Turn the phone sideways to view the 3d gallery
  • Shake phone to get back to the album view

Integrated Audio

  • Click on a photo to view it in 2d on screen
  • Like the photo by clicking on the like button or by saying ‘Like’
  • Use the voice command ‘Play’ in order to hear all the comments associated with each photo.
  • Shake phone to get back to the gallery view

Geobased Memory Book PAPER

Team Members:

  • Varun Thakkar
  • Mohini Thakkar
  • Samrat Ambadekar

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