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Week 12 Summaries

Exploring 3D Navigation: Combining Speed-coupled Flying with Orbiting This paper first presents a task-based taxonomy of navigation techniques for 3D virtual environment which categorized existing techniques. Inspired by this taxonomy, the authors propose several new techniques. The authors try to use taxonomy to give a more disciplined exploration of the design space of navigation in […]

Week 11 Summary

Pop Through Button Devices for VE Navigation and Interaction This paper explores how pop through buttons could be used in virtual reality input devices. Using pop through buttons, the authors utilize the finger pressure to address the challenge of increasing the number of easily activated hand interaction modes that required by virtual environment applications. The […]

Week 10 Summaires

Physiological Measures of Presence in Stressful Virtual Environments The paper proposed a novel way to measure the presence a virtual environment evokes in users, which is measuring the physiological responses. In this paper, the researchers reported their evaluation of three physiological measures – heart rate, skin conductance and skin temperature. Based on the principle that […]

[week 9 Discussion] – paper discussion for Alice

Additional Reading: MUPPETS: multi-user programming pedagogy for enhancing traditional study by AM Phelps, KJ Bierre, DM Parks URL: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=947143 This paper introduce another pedagogy system that using collaborative virtual environment to make programming coursework more interesting for the first-year student. A framework for the structured design of VR/AR content by C. Geiger, V. Paelke, C. Reimann, W. Rosenbach URL: http://dl.acm.org.prx.library.gatech.edu/citation.cfm?id=502390.502405&coll=DL&dl=ACM&CFID=186875223&CFTOKEN=85288888 […]

[Bo Pang] Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Augmented Reality Tower Defense Description: In this assignment, I tried to create an AR tower defense game with argon. The basic idea is using an image target as the game map where 3D graphics, such as enemies and virtual map, are displayed on it. A 3D CSS object is added to the image […]

Week 8 Summaries

Pre-Patterns for Designing Embodied Interactions in Handheld Augmented Reality Games This paper aimed to connect AR research and game design communities to help to improve handheld augmented reality game experience. The authors share their from designing and analyzing HAR games by presenting a collection of design pre-pattern for HAR games. Nine most significant pre-patterns which […]

Week 7 Summaries

A Practical Multi-viewer Tabletop Autostereoscopic Display Autostereo display technologies can be divided into three branches, holo-graphics, volumetric, and parallax-based. Parallax-based displays are based on barriers or lenticular lens sheet. By placing barrier sheet at a small distance in front of the display panel, the left and right eyes of a viewer can see different part […]

Week 6 Summary

The Importance of Stereo and Eye-Coupled Perspective for Eye-Hand Coordination in Fish Tank VR This paper investigates and discusses the relative importance of stereo and eye coupled perspective for eye-hand coordination in a virtual reality system. The authors first introduce the importance of stereo, correct perspective and active touch in virtual reality by reviewing a […]

Week 5 Summaries

KinectFusion: Real-time 3D reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera This paper talks about a real-time 3D reconstruction and interaction system called KinectFusion, which is built based on Kinect. This system provides 3D scene reconstruction as well as interaction in real-time. 3D models in the scene are reconstructed from the data captured by Kinect […]

week 4 summary Bo Pang

Pedestrian Tracking with Shoe-Mounted Inertial Sensors This paper introduces a shoe-mounted 3D-tracking system called NavShoe system developed by Eric Foxlin and folks in InterSense. NavShoe is built based on inertial sensing technology. The advantage of this system is that it provides relative precise position and orientation tracking without any infrastructure installation. The system is also […]

Summary week 3

 The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment This paper presents the design and implementation of the Argon AR Web Browser as well as the motivations and goals behind them. It firstly talks about why deciding to build such an AR application environment on mobile web. Because both mobile computing technology and mobile […]

Bo Pang’s Week 2 Summaries

Merging Virtual Objects with the Real World: Seeing Ultrasound Imagery within the Patient This paper describes Bajura and his colleagues’ research on 3D ultrasound image acquisition and display and introduces two real-time 3D ultrasound systems developed by them. The authors first reviews previous work in 3D ultrasound technique.  Since 3D ultrasound scanning system is not […]