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Introduction to Argon

Summary of “The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment” by Blair MacIntyre, et al. This paper from ISMAR 2011 is an introduction and explanation of Argon and the related underlying and supporting technologies. Argon is an ongoing project to implement AR exploiting the ubiquity of mobile phones (specifically, at least for now, […]

Week 3 Summary: One context – Multiple applications

The “app” paradigm that took the mobile industry by storm, has brought on the concept of micro-applications that fulfill one purpose. This is great in terms of maintaining focus, but there is very little interoperability between apps. I need to look for a restaurant, use a different app. I need to take a bus till […]

Argon – Paper Summary

With a short discussion about Augmented Reality (AR) and previous work in the field the paper discusses about web based AR. One of the challenges for AR as a field is the hardware requirements. However, with the development of smart phones with hardware such as camera, GPS, orientation sensors, etc coupled with the ubiquity of […]

Week 3 Summary: Argon

In this paper, the authors introduce how they design the Argon AR Web Browser and what there application environment is like. First of all, the requirement of success is defined: All AR content is presented in one unified AR application environment. And a lot of so-called AR Browsers are criticized because they fail to think about […]

week 3 summary on Argon – Hitesh

The paper describes the background study, motivations and the technology directions towards development of the ARGON web browser. It defines the key goals towards creating an immersive and interactive AR web browsing for mobile devices. I think it involved a lot of research and effort to not just develop an AR browser that supports Augmented […]

Week 3 Summary

Argon Argon is basically an AR design tool analogous to a windowing system for a desktop computer. Argon’s goal is to take advantage of the increasingly important mobile development platforms and their intersection with web capabilities. The three main goals for Argon are: 1. Create a “windowing system” for AR 2. Merge with and build […]

Week 3 Summary-ARGON

The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment   This paper describes the ARGON AR Web browser, the first AR browser for iOS that supports most existing web technologies and standards. The dream of AR is to create an immersive environment in which virtual content is superimposed over the worlds view. Dr. Blair […]

The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment

The key focus of the paper is to introduce ARGON web browser as a stepping stone towards standardizing and environment for development of mobile AR applications. The paper starts by introducing the world of AR and then proceeds to the 3 goals behind Argon web browser. 1)      Creating a supportive AR application environment. 2)      To […]


The paper presents the Argon AR web browser and the standards and technologies that goes into designing applications for it.  It gives us an introduction to how content can be displayed as well as the KARML markup language, which is an extension on KML.  There has been related work done in this space from various […]

Argon Paper : Summary

The authors believe that we never really had a unified immersive AR application environment and thus it needed to be addressed. They draw analogies from the days when 2d-Desktops with 3D displays will coming along and map them to the AR world. The advancement in mobile technology, both software and hardware was a good starting […]

Summary for week 3

The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment Augmented Reality (AR) has been developed in 1965 by Ivan Sutherland, but researches in this field only began in the late 1980s. Now, this technology should evolve to AR desktops gathering independent applications in a single environment. That’s why Argon, an AR web browser, is […]

Summary week 3

 The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment This paper presents the design and implementation of the Argon AR Web Browser as well as the motivations and goals behind them. It firstly talks about why deciding to build such an AR application environment on mobile web. Because both mobile computing technology and mobile […]

Week 3 Summary

Argon Paper Argon is an augmented reality browser and while it isn’t the first of it’s kind it has been engineered differently the previous attempts.  The goal of Argon is the proliferation of AR technology and content.  The overarching principle of Argon is to leverage existing web technologies to reduce development and content generation time.  […]

Argon summary week 3 [aurelien bonnafont]

AR is becoming, during the past few years, a vision where an AR environment supports others AR content. This technology was difficult to implement in the past, but nowadays with more efficient mobiles, some application have been developed, but still provides some problems. Argon is an application which tend to give a high control, independency […]

[Summary Week 3] The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment

The paper by Blair McIntyre et al. describes the implementation of their eponymous augmented reality web-browser, Argon and also details the KARML specification. Drawing clever parallels from the evolution of the 2D GUI ubiquitous today, the authors motivate the need for the development of a framework to facilitate the delivery of AR content by developers. […]


Argon is a multi-channel augmented reality web browser, supporting the vision of an immersive AR system. The major design goal of the project was to provide users with an easy accessible augmented reality tool for indoor and outdoor environment. The architecture of the system was designed to enable entire spectrum of web architecture. Different approached […]

[week 3 summaries]

Since the term augmented reality (AR) was first demonstrated, it rapidly caught the eyes of researchers with prominent future. Among those techniques that are needed for supporting a successful AR, how to put all content into one AR application environment is of importance for a full-feel user experience. The “AR Browsers” is one way to […]

Week 3 Summary : Argon

The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment Argon is the world’s first Augmented Reality web-browser which contains a lot of information, superimposed on the view around. The highlights of Argon include multiple channels which are independent of each other yet flexible to design and integrate with ever-growing cloud of systems around us. […]

Argon by gr8dhage

The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment -Blair MacIntyre, Alex Hill, Hafez Rouzati, Maribeth Gandy, Brian Davidson   This paper describes the work of Prof MacIntyre and his colleagues in creating the augmented reality (AR) web browser Argon for the iOS platform. The main goal behind the project was to facilitate wide […]

Week 3 : Argon

The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment AR can lead to research in different fields. But one need that remains whatever the field of study is the need for a single  AR environment. Indeed, to enforce the user experience, all the AR content have to be displayed in the same environment. Argon […]

The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment

The Argon AR paper was designed to introduce and defend the use of the Argon Augmented Reality Web browser. It was intended to allow us (students) both a background and introduction into the Browser. It started with an explanation of AR tools and the pros and cons of each. These tools such as DART and […]