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Michael Landes

Week 5 Summary

KinectFusion The KinectFusion – the next step in the connect evolution provides a tool that uses the depth information from the Kinect camera to rapidly construct a model of a room as it is moved through the room. The Kinect camera uses structured lighting techniques to gather a point cloud of data for a scene, […]

Week 4 Summary

Pedestrian Tracking Tracking a person is a challenging problem especially in outdoor environments that have to previous preparation. This capability would prove very useful for things like search and rescue, as well as tracking emergency response workers (like firefighters). The NavShoe is a concept attempting to address this problem by using a small motion sensor […]

Week 3 Summary

Argon Argon is basically an AR design tool analogous to a windowing system for a desktop computer. Argon’s goal is to take advantage of the increasingly important mobile development platforms and their intersection with web capabilities. The three main goals for Argon are: 1. Create a “windowing system” for AR 2. Merge with and build […]