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Week 12 summaries

Exploring 3D Navigation: Combining Speed-coupled Flying with Orbiting The authors start the paper with developing their taxonomy for navigation technology. The current taxonomy is divided into three groups, Task Selection, Travel Control, and User Interface. The authors give definitions for terms in each group. The authors then provide four different AR navigation techniques. First technique […]

Week 11 summary

Pop Through Button Devices for VE Navigation and Interaction   The paper starts with defining pop through buttons and characteristics of pop through buttons. Pop through buttons are buttons which have two distinct activation states corresponding to light and firm finger pressure. The characteristics are: twice as many states are available for the same number […]

week 10 summaries

Variations in Physiological Responses of Participants during Different Stages of an Immersive Virtual Environment Experiment   This paper explicitly seeks for the effect of exposure in VE along the VE experience. The authors explain the physiological measures they adopted and what their changes mean: Heart Rate, Low Frequency Heart Rate Variability, and High Frequency Heart […]

Week 9 Summaries

Alice The Alice is a user friendly 3D graphics generator that aims for unskilled 3D graphics users. The authors begin with introducing the two main assumptions for prospective users: the users are assumed to have small mathematical or programming background for 3D graphics programming and the users are assumed to have no experience with programming. […]

Assignment 1 – AlbumFinder

When chosen album jacket image is shown to iPhone camera, the name of album appears on the jacket image. When the artist marker comes in, the picture of artists will show up. When the song marker comes in, the title of songs in that album will show up depending on the angle the marker is […]

week 8 summaries

The Task Gallery   The Task Gallery is unique workspace in virtual environment letting users to be more productive working in 3D environment using working knowledge of human perception. The Task Gallery is a room shaped 3D application that lets users to manage tasks and windows with controlling virtual user in the virtual environment. The […]

Week 6 summary

The Importance of Stereo and Eye Coupled Perspective for Eye-Hand Coordination in Fish Tank VR   The paper compared the importance of stereoscopic depth and the importance of motion parallax from head movement in reaching task. First, the authors describe the difference between stereoscopic depth and motion parallax and the characteristics of stereoscopic depth. The […]

Week 5 Summaries

KinnectFusion Kinnect is now widely used and cost effective RGB-D sensor. Many researchers are working with Kinnect nowadays. KinnectFusion is one of the 3D reconstruction works that is based on Kinnect’s depth sensor. As a depth sensor, Kinnect’s cost is compelling but the performance is not as compelling compared to other depth cameras since Kinnect’s […]

Week4 Summary

The author starts the paper with stating the needs for tracking with Shoe-Mounted sensors. The main issue with traditional tracking framework is that it required the system to be instrumented to result in a tracking with reasonable error. To effectively track without prepared instruments, the author came up with an inertial tracking system called NavShoe. […]