Week 11 summary

Pop Through Button Devices for VE Navigation and Interaction


The paper starts with defining pop through buttons and characteristics of pop through buttons. Pop through buttons are buttons which have two distinct activation states corresponding to light and firm finger pressure. The characteristics are: twice as many states are available for the same number of buttons, the little amount of effort that is needed to activate the additional state, and the cognitive natural activation of sequential or closely related tasks via pop through buttons.

The authors present two unique control interfaces using pop through buttons: TriggerGun and FingerSleeve. The TriggerGun is joystick-like device made of clay with two pop through buttons on place for thumb and index finger. The TriggerGun also has mounted 6 DOF tracker on it. The FingerSleeve is a small device that can be worn on the index finger of either hand. The FingerSleeve has two pop through buttons on the side facing palm with few millimeters distance between them. The FingerSleeve also has 6 DOF tracker attached on it.

The authors then present novel interactions that can be done with their pop through buttons. The first interaction is ZoomBack. The pushing the button lightly zooms the user into the desired location. Then, if the user releases the button, it brings the user back in the location where the user used to be. If the user pushes the button firmly, the interface will move the user to that location. The second interaction is LaserGrab. In LaserGrab, when the user grabs the button lightly, it moves the user according to the distance between the user’s head and hand. If the user presses the button firmly, then the user goes into the orbital mode that lets the user to observe the pointed object in an orbit around it. The rotation in orbital mode is controlled by the angular movement of the user’s head and hand. The third interaction is Snapshot. With the light pressure on the button, the user can make crop window and control it. The firm grip on the button will take the snapshot and save them.

Finally, the authors present the implementation of pop through buttons in artistic tool for creating 3D paintings called CavePainting. While using its unique brush interface, the authors added FingerSleeve to enhance the control mechanism of CavePainting. The authors present that using FingerSleeve helped them to reduce ergonomic issues they had with the Pinch glove.

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