Assignment One

Assignment One:

So for assignment one I drew a fractal on top of the tracked image, in this case a bunch of random circles.  The fractal uses the relative location of the phone as a seed value to draw the rest of itself.  The IPhone 4S I was testing with doesn’t have a whole lote of juice so I drew the most depth of as I could.

To use download and print the following image:

And optionally the two frame markers:

Once the target image is being tracked the fractal will draw on top of it.  Moving the phone around the image will alter it’s appearance.  Frame Marker 0 is detected will cease the movement and instead the fractal will retain the last shape in which the marker was not detected.  Frame Marker 7 will control the colour of the objects, as well as a label stating which colour is active at that given time.

Video Demo:



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