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Week 5 Sumary : Kinect Fusion & More

KinectFusion is a great example of SLAM (Simultaneous localization and Mapping Systems). In most AR systems it was assumed prior knowledge of the user’s environment. Maybe a map of the city. Or use co-ordinates to merge a Google earth 3D model with the real world. Maybe a point of interest , Eiffel Tower, or the printer […]

Summaries for week 5

KinectFusion: Real-time 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera Depth cameras exist for quite a long time but Kinect cameras are now accessible to everyone. The Kinect system works with depth maps but this solution is not perfectly accurate and is noisy. Indeed, depth maps are converted into mesh representation, but the maps […]

Week 5 Summaries

KinectFusion: Real-time 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera Kinect is a motion sensing input device, creating real-time depth maps containing discrete range measurements of the physical scene. The advantage of using Kinect is the quality of depth sensing in real time with low cost. However, the data are noisy and contain numerous […]

Week 5 Summaries

KinectFusion: Real-time 3D reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera This paper talks about a real-time 3D reconstruction and interaction system called KinectFusion, which is built based on Kinect. This system provides 3D scene reconstruction as well as interaction in real-time. 3D models in the scene are reconstructed from the data captured by Kinect […]

Week 5 Summary

Kinect Fusion Kinect fusion is a new software to backend for the existing Kinect camera produced by Microsoft.  At it’s base level the software is a sophisticated 3D mapping tool.  If uses the dual camera in the Kinect system to build 3D model on anything the camera sees in real time.  The backbone of this […]

week 5 summaries [Aurelien Bonnafont]

Kinectfusion; real time 3D Reconstruction and Interaction using a Moving Depth Camera This article deals with the kinectfusion camera which recreates real 3D object quickly and with low cost. Compare to the other system kinect fusion is supporting both real time tracking and reconstruction, is faster, more accurate, infrastructure less and allow interaction of objects […]

[Summaries Week 5]: Kinect Fusion; Going Out

KinectFusion: Real-time 3D reconstruction and interaction using a moving depth camera In their paper Kinect Fusion, Izadi et al. describe their implementation of a system that uses a standard Kinect camera to generate a real-time, interactive 3D representation of the live camera feed that is robust to user intervention/interaction. They also explain their extensions to […]

week 5 summary – Hitesh

Kinect Fusion Kinect Fusion is one of the latest technological advancements in AR. It uses depth data from Kinect sensor to track 3D pose and constructs a 3D representation of the object in the real time. It vouches to be a cost-effective and seamless augmentation of 3D physical data on the real world. As opposed […]

Week 5 Summaries

Week 5 KinectFusion KinectFusion is an awesome tool for 3D surface reconstruction using the Kinect camera. It works in real-time, reconstructing and storing all the depth information it gets. The depth maps are a little noisy but there are optimizations to overcome those issues. Depth cameras have been around for a while but Kinect made […]

Week 5 Summaries

KinnectFusion Kinnect is now widely used and cost effective RGB-D sensor. Many researchers are working with Kinnect nowadays. KinnectFusion is one of the 3D reconstruction works that is based on Kinnect’s depth sensor. As a depth sensor, Kinnect’s cost is compelling but the performance is not as compelling compared to other depth cameras since Kinnect’s […]

Week 5 Summaries

Going out: Robust Model-based Tracking for Outdoor Augmented Reality: The paper presents an augmented reality system that provides realtime overlays on a handheld device.  Traditional augmented reality systems rely on GPS for outdoor position measurements and magnetic compasses and inertial sensors for orientation.  In urban outdoor environments GPS is hindered by buildings and signal reflections.  […]

Week 5 Summary

KinectFusion The KinectFusion – the next step in the connect evolution provides a tool that uses the depth information from the Kinect camera to rapidly construct a model of a room as it is moved through the room. The Kinect camera uses structured lighting techniques to gather a point cloud of data for a scene, […]

Summary Week4

Kinect Fusion The paper presents a novel interactive reconstruction system called the Kinect Fusion. It takes live depth data using a moving Kinect camera and then recreates a 3D model of the scene. They also propose a novel GPU pipeline that allows for accurate camera tracking and surface reconstruction in real time. The authors highlight […]

Week 5 Summaries: Kinect Fusion and Going Out

KinectFusion: Realtime 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera This paper describes the currently trending technology: KinectFusion. KinectFusion creates 3D reconstructions of an indoor scene using just the depth data in real time within seconds. However the depth maps are noisy and contain numerous “holes” which are dealt with by continuously tracking 6DOF […]

Week 5 KinectFusion

KinectFusion is a very powerful tool that can help users create detailed 3D reconstructions indoor rapidly Even though the concept of depth camera is not new in this area, Kinect makes depth sensing popular due to its low-lost and real-time features. This system allows people to use a handheld Kinect camera to move within a […]

Week 5 Summary : KinectFusion and Going Out

KinectFusion: Realtime 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera This paper discussed one of the most recent and talked about technology currently: KinectFusion. It reconstructs a 3-D model of an object or environment using the data it receives from the Kinect sensor. The depth data from Kinect is used to track the 3D […]

Going Out with KinectFusion

KinectFusion: Realtime 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera -Shahram Izadi, David Kim, Otmar Hilliges, David Molyneaux, Richard Newcombe, Pushmeet Kohli, Jamie Shotton, Steve Hodges, Dustin Freeman, Andrew Davison, Andrew Fitzgibbon Simply amazing. In this phenomenal paper Izadi and colleagues describe some novel approaches to 3D scene reconstruction and interactions with the scene […]

KinnectFusion and Going out

KinnectFusion : RealTime 3D Reconstruction and Interaction using a moving depth camera KinectFusion use the Microsoft device Kinect to create in real-time 3D reconstructions of indoor scene only using the depth data of the camera. The Kinect camera generates Cloud Points from whom a mesh is generated. To avoid holes and decrease the noise of […]

[week 5 summaries]

KinectFusion: Real-time 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera KinectFusion is a system that supports high quality, geometrically accurate 3D model reconstruction in real-time. All it needs is a depth map generated from a Kinect camera. The camera is held by user with 6 DOF, which provide the data to compose a viewpoint […]

Ruge’s summary of “KinectFusion and “Going Out”

The KinectFusion paper gave a detailed description of a 3d mapping technology based on the Kinect hardware. It provided use cases, explanations of existing hardware, and how the product would be used in an operational sense. Beyond that it captured the the mathematical and computer programming fundamentals that are pivotal to both its operation and […]