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Blair MacIntyre

From GDC, a talk about “Why VR is Hard”

Michael Abrash gave a talk at GDC on “Why VR is Hard” in which he discusses head-worn displays for VR and AR.  I’ve mentioned Michael before, and there is lots of good stuff in this transcript of his talk that you should read! http://www.roadtovr.com/2013/03/31/gdc-2013-michael-abrash-virtual-reality-oculus-rift-presentation-slides-4415/all/1

Some AR experiences for kids

For those interested in AR for kids, check out this mini-review of 5 AR things for kids.  (I won’t comment on each of them, they aren’t all great, but they should give you ideas). http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2013/02/5-uses-of-augmented-reality-in-education.html#.UReeo6XdbYt I will say, I like the idea of Zooburst:  not sure how I feel about the particular design choices or […]

Project thoughts

A few folks have asked me to suggest project ideas.  First, let me pull some text from the project proposal page from the last time I ran this course, where I said: You should consider these projects as mini research projects.  Simply implementing something that you think might be fun (like a game or 3D […]

Read Michael Abrash’s blog

I mentioned Michael’s Valve blog in class, I think it would be very useful for you to read the articles on it. http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/abrash/ I would suggest going back and reading all the entries (there’s only a dozen or so), as they have some nice practical insights into what it would take to create real AR/VR […]

Primesense sensor at CES 2013

Here’s the link to the page with the video (also embedded below) for the primesense sensor I mentioned in class.  I personally think the “story” (if you can call it that) in the video is pretty pathetic, but watch it and consider each use of the tech.  Some are good, some bad.  What I like […]

Welcome to CS7497: Virtual Environments

For the Spring 2013 session of this class, we will use this blog and the Georgia Tech t-square server together.  Any content that should remain private (e.g., grades, material that should not be publicly available on the internet, etc) will be put on t-square.  Please look at the pages (linked across the top of this […]