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Suraj Saripalli

AR Bejeweled

Shane del Solar  and Suraj Saripalli AR version of Bejeweled a puzzle game where a single player moves multicolored jewels on a grid. The jewels are moved by swapping them with a neighboring jewel. A string of three or more jewels in the horizontal or vertical direction makes those jewels disappear, the game then adds […]

Week 13 Summaries

Omnitouch : The paper introduces a novel device from Microsoft. It is a shoulder worn system which aims to be used as an input/output device enabling multi-touch operations for input. It utilizes depth sensing and projection technologies to enable the multi-touch operations. Interfaces from the system can be projected on any surface ranging from table […]

Week 12 Discussions

Main Paper : Exploring 3D navigation: Combining speed-coupled flying with orbiting.   http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/365024.365307 The paper proposes a new technique to navigate through 3D work spaces. It makes use of both position and height to determine the velocity of motion. It also puts forth a technique to orient but the technique has it’s limitations. Paper 1: Rapid controlled […]

Bejeweled Part II

Progress Report   Summary of Proposed Project(unchanged):    We will build a Competitive AR version of Bejeweled.  Bejeweled is a puzzle game where a single player moves multi coloured jewels on a grid. The jewels are moved by swapping them with a neighboring jewel.   A string of three or more jewels in the horizontal or vertical […]

Summary Week 11:

Pop Through Button Devices for VE Navigation and Interaction: In the following paper authors discuss two devices that can be used to navigate in VE. They also introduce novel navigation and interaction techniques to utilize the capabilities of these pop through button devices. The buttons on these devices have two clearly distinguished activation states corresponding […]

Summary Week – 10

Physiological Measures of Presence in Stressful Environments: Presence is mostly defined as the sense of being in a VE. There have been many views on the measure of Presence. In the paper authors propose physiological changes as a measure of presence in the VE. They state that the degree to which VE seems real can […]

Project Progress Report : AR Bejeweled (Shane Del Solar, Suraj Saripalli)

AR Version Of Bejeweled:   Summary of Proposed Project(unchanged): We will build a Competitive AR version of Bejeweled. Bejeweled is a puzzle game where a single player moves multi coloured jewels on a grid. The jewels are moved by swapping them with a neighboring jewel. A string of three or more jewels in the horizontal […]

Summaries Week 9

The Effect of Latency and Network Limitations on MMORPGs In the paper authors describe a study to evaluate the effect of latency and network limitations on MMORPGs. They use Everquest2 as the base to conduct these tests. Authors start with giving brief information of how massive virtual environments are handled on the server side. They […]

Assignment 1 : ShapeShifter

What I wanted to do : I wanted to create an experience where the image target would act as the Canvas. 1) When only the image is tracked it would draw we would only be able to 3D Objects on the scree. 2) Introducing the reaction marker would prompt a change in shape of the […]

Week 8

The Task Gallery : A 3D Windows Manager. In this paper authors introduce a novel window manager The Task Gallery. It makes use of interactive 3D Graphics to aid in task management and several other things. In this system user tasks appear as artwork on the walls of a gallery with the selected ones presented […]

Week 7 Summary

SCAPE:  Stereoscopic Collaboration In Augmented and Projective Environments. The paper introduces SCAPE a collaborative infrastructure for Augmented and Projective Environments.  Scape aims at creating a virtual environment which could be accessible by multiple people at the same time. Earlier it was really difficult to provide individuals with their respective perspectives. Scape focuses on providing individuals […]

The Importance of Stereo and Eye Coupled Perspective for Eye-Hand Coordination in Fish Tank VR.

In the paper the authors try to come up with an experimental proof that stereoscopic depth is a better cue in comparison to the parallax motion for creating a 3D AR environment. They performed a variation of the Fitts’s experiment. They generated cylinders of various lengths at various positions on the grid. In the experiment […]

Summary Week4

Kinect Fusion The paper presents a novel interactive reconstruction system called the Kinect Fusion. It takes live depth data using a moving Kinect camera and then recreates a 3D model of the scene. They also propose a novel GPU pipeline that allows for accurate camera tracking and surface reconstruction in real time. The authors highlight […]

Week 4 – NavShoe

The paper highlights the problems faced by modern day navigation and tracking systems. They then introduce NavShoe a device that provides accurate tracking as well as orientation feedback. The major hurdle faced by such trackers is to maintain the accuracy with both orientation and position. Position tracking is based on inertial sensing but it is […]

The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-based AR Application Environment

The key focus of the paper is to introduce ARGON web browser as a stepping stone towards standardizing and environment for development of mobile AR applications. The paper starts by introducing the world of AR and then proceeds to the 3 goals behind Argon web browser. 1)      Creating a supportive AR application environment. 2)      To […]


Virtual Environments for Treating the Fear of Heights: The paper deals with a study on people suffering from Acrophobia, when subjected to Virtual Environments as a part of the therapy. Therapy includes exposing the patient to situations which induce anxiousness and allowing the patient to get over this anxiousness. This kind of treatment (in vivo) […]


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