The Importance of Stereo and Eye Coupled Perspective for Eye-Hand Coordination in Fish Tank VR.

In the paper the authors try to come up with an experimental proof that stereoscopic depth is a better cue in comparison to the parallax motion for creating a 3D AR environment. They performed a variation of the Fitts’s experiment. They generated cylinders of various lengths at various positions on the grid. In the experiment subjects were asked to tap the top of the cylinders one after the other. Cylinders also varied in diameter and the tasks were assigned difficulty values depending upon the position and the shape of the cylinder. The time taken between each tap was measured and was considered for analysis. The authors mention that they considered time interval as an indication of the time taken by the subject to adjust to the change in the perspective. Their results showed that the time interval considerably increased with stereo disabled when compared to head tracking disabled. The results contrasted with previous experiments which showed motion parallax to be more effective. However the experiment failed to show any evidence of adaptation between the steps.

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