Week 6 summary

The Importance of Stereo and Eye Coupled Perspective for Eye-Hand Coordination in Fish Tank VR


The paper compared the importance of stereoscopic depth and the importance of motion parallax from head movement in reaching task. First, the authors describe the difference between stereoscopic depth and motion parallax and the characteristics of stereoscopic depth. The authors gave a study with path finding problem as an example of motion parallax acting as more important cue than stereoscopic depth. However, authors claim that stereoscopic depth is more valuable for reaching problem and explain the reason why. One is from intuition that a person doing task that require fine movements do not move one’s head a lot and therefore do not use parallax information as much. Another is based on a study that suggested that disparity matching is crucial for calibration of eye-hand coordination used in reaching problem.

Then, the authors describe the setup of experiment environment and how experiment was held. The goal of the paper is to observe effect of correctness of perspective and stereoscopic depth for reaching problem. The experiment was done in virtual environment with high quality monitor and head tracker. The authors used mirrors to manipulate the relationship between what is seen and what is touched. The experiment adopted Fitts’ task where subjects were to tap back and forth between two strips. In this study, the subjects were to touch from the top of one cylinder to another with various difficulty levels. A trial consisted of 12 tapping sequences and consisted of cylinders those were generated by an algorithm described in the paper. The test group was divided into stereo vs. no stereo and head tracked perspective vs. fixed perspective groups.

The result of experiments is described in the paper. The measure was the average second taken until next tapping task. Stereo group showed better result of 0.2 seconds to 0.8 seconds than no stereo group did. Head tracked perspective group showed little better result than fixed perspective group did. The results supports that stereoscopic depth is more important factor in visually guided reaching problem. The paper suggests that registration of eye and hand coordinate space for fish tank VR is unnecessary in case of reaching tasks.

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