Week 6 Summary

The Importance of Stero and Eye-Coupled perspective for Eye-Hand Coordination in Fish Tank VR

This paper explores the relative importance of coupling stereoscopic viewing and perspective to a user’s eye position, for hand-eye coordination in 3D virtual environments.  The paper focuses on fish-tank VR which is a small high-quality virtual environment, having the virtual environment small makes it easier to provide realistic experiences.  The setup for the experiments con sited of an apparatus for displaying high-quality stereo visuals and a PHANToM 1.0 for tracking hand movements and providing tactile feedback.  The experiment consisted of subjects tapping the tops of cylinders in the virtual environment.  The results of the experiments wet that stereoscopic viewing is more important that eye-coupled perspective for visually guided reaching tasks, where benefits increase when finer grain movements are required.  This study found that head tracking did have an effect on performance which contrasts earlier studies findings.

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