AR Bejeweled

Shane del Solar  and Suraj Saripalli

AR version of Bejeweled a puzzle game where
a single player moves multicolored jewels on a grid. The jewels are moved by swapping them
with a neighboring jewel. A string of three or more jewels in the horizontal or vertical direction
makes those jewels disappear, the game then adds the same number of jewels from the top
with random colors.  The players can use Argon to connect play the game. We have predefined trackable objects which act
as “game boards”. Players can interact with the game board by walking around in
the space in front of the game to choose the squares in the grid they wish to move. Tapping on
the screen of the device selects the current square . Below are the videos of demonstrations of the game.

Player Control

Game Board

Project Report




We faced many problems during the project which we have mentioned along with all other things in the report attached here.
At the end we feel that Argon can be a real good medium for creating augmented reality applications. But there are certain features that would be needed to be incorporated before it can be used on a large scale. These features include server support, stable environment and a better debugging support.


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