Week 10 Summaries?

In the pop up buttons paper the try to replace the physical buttons with pop up buttons.  Pop up buttons being a tristate button in which the button has two discrete state base on the force being applied by the user.  The paper said these were made by stacking two buttons or triggers on top each other.   They built two prototypes based on the pop up button design.  The first is a trigger like controller.  The trigger controller was made out of modeling clay and had two buttons.  One on the front on the upper half meant to be used with the index finger and one on the corner between the top and back sides of the controller meant to be used by the thumb.  The other device was essentially a clothe sleeve meant to slid on your index finger and it had two pop up buttons both meant to be used by the users thumb.  Both devices also had trackers that tracks 6 degrees of freedom.  For their experiments they used a simple interaction technique in which engaging the first active state of the pop up buttons made a temporary change while activating the second button save the change.  They tested the trigger as a means of navigating a 3d museum space.  The finger sleeve was used to also navigate the museum while also being in their painting cave as a replacement for a 4 button system.  Based on Test users seem to able to use pop up buttons without any major issues.

Also I thought this was week 11?

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