Assignment 1 – Petanque Game

The game implemented here is a petanque game. The frame marker with a red ball represents the jack while the other one represents the ball. First, the jack has to be thrown on the play field. Then, the aim is to throw the ball as close a possible to the jack. The application remembers the best score , which is the shortest distance, of the game and congratulates the player by a message displayed on the image target each time he beats the best score.

The best score is displayed on the upper part of the image target. The jack is drawn as a little red sphere on the corresponding frame marker, and the ball is drawn as a big grey sphere on the other frame marker. Since the frame markers are in paper and are not weighted, it makes them impossible to be thrown correctly.

An error I cannot explain is that the first time, the ball and the jack are drawn on the frame markers, but when they are lost, they are often not drawn after, although the tracking works.


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