Week 12 Discussions

Here are the three papers of the discussion:

A Survey of Design Issues in Spatial Input


This paper goes through the different issues and solutions that can be found and designed to make users more comfortable with spatial input.


“Put-That-There”: Voice and Gesture  at the Graphics Interface


I chose this paper because it presents very natural ways to interact with a virtual environment and also speech recognition.


Charade: Remote Control of Objects Using Free-Hands Gestures


This paper is about hand gestures recognition in the context of presentations, which provides useful information before building more complex systems.


Here are five questions related to them:

1 – Would sound feedback be useful to understand an environment?

2 – How could eye tracking be used to give clues about a virtual world or interact with it?

3 – What other other issues an solutions exist for spatial input?

4 – What oher interactions could be used?

5 – How could we get rid of the disadvantages of these technologies?

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