Summaries Week 9

DART: A Toolkit for Rapid Design Exploration of Augmented Reality Experiences:
This paper discusses the need to make a designer friendly AR development tool and how DART satisfies this need.  The main motivation for developing a system like this is to remove any middle man that a designer would have to go through to design and implement their project.  DART does this by letting designers generate AR content at a high level and not have to worry much about what sensors they are using, etc…  The DART model followed closely with Macromedia’s technologies since it was based on Director and DART needed to be able to create complex content.  One of the biggest features of DART is its ability to rapidly generate AR prototype content.

Alice: Lessons Learned from Building a 3D System for Novices:
This paper discusses Alice, a 3D graphics programing environment designed to be easily used by undergraduate students with no prior 3D graphics or programming experience.  A big factor that supported these researchers making this programing environment was home PCs having 3D graphics accelerators by default.  Following the test results from watching test users use Alice some of the important things learned, which can be useful in many scenarios, are coordinate systems are easier to understand using Forward/Left/Up.  Also even though Alice was designed for undergraduate students, the researchers found that middle and high school students could use it well.  I remember that I used Alice a little in a computer class I had in high school.

The effect of latency and network limitations on MMORPGs: a field study of everquest2:
This paper analyzes the effect of latency in games that have massive virtual environments with many simultaneous players, focussing on the game Everquest2.  There are different design decisions in how to host a massive virtual environment and with the number of players in these MMORPG, multi server hosting environments are required.  Experiments were done to test various aspects of how players would react to varying network conditions.  Overall the game Everquest2 seemed to handle high lag with not much negative feedback from users for most situations, however high lag can cause some game situations to be unenjoyable.  Continuing research can be done in the mobile gaming space for MMORPGs because of the network conditions that mobile gaming will face.

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