Groups and Project Pitch Next Week

Folks, there still are people who have not added their group information to the t-square wiki page for Groups.  Please do that now;  I understand that folks may have forgotten, but the fact that there are still folks listed as not being in a group implies to me that you are not working on your project idea.

Speaking of pitches, we answered some questions about the requirements at the start of class this morning.  If you were not there, please talk to your class mates to find out what we said.

Reminder: set the “content-type” on your web program

As I pointed out in class, you need to make sure that the HTTP response you send from your server includes the correct type, so Argon interprets it correctly.   To set the content type of the response in Python in App Engine, I did this:

self.response.headers[‘Content-Type’] = ‘application/’

Device Inventory and Needs

Folks, please log into t-square, and go to the device inventory page on the wiki.

Add a line for yourself, either:

  1. If you have a usable iOS device (iPhone 3GS/4/4S or iPad2) please put the UDID of it and tell us what kind of device it is.
  2. If you do NOT have a usable iOS device, please add a line for yourself and left the rest of the columns blank.

After we have an inventory of what devices the class has, and how many are needed, we will endeavor to find enough devices for everyone in the class.  Most devices will be iPhone 3GS’s.

Welcome to Mixed Reality Experience Design, Spring 2012

Welcome to the Mixed Reality Experience Design class!  We will use this site for the public parts of the class, and t-square for things that should not be public.