Midterm (Feb. 23)

The midterm test will consist of multiple choice and short-answer questions. (The longest required answer will be one paragraph.) The test will last for 60 minutes, starting at 9:45. Please bring bluebooks with you and write in ink or dark pencil. You are responsible for the following readings and materials:

  •  R. Azuma, “A survey of augmented reality,” Presence-Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 1997.  PDF (see Resource page)
  •  R. Azuma, “Recent advances in augmented reality,” Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE, 2001. PDF (Resource page)
  •  B. MacIntyre et al. “The Argon AR Web Browser and Standards-Based AR Application Environment” IEEE ISMAR 2011. PDF (Resource page)
  •  E. Barba et al. “Here we are! Where are we? Locating Mixed Reality in The Age of the Smartphone”, to appear in the Journal of the IEEE, 2012. (in resources/Papers on t-square)
  • Benford et al. Uncle Roy All Around You: Implicating the City in a Location-Based Performance. (blast theory web site)

Also the following YouTube videos:

  • Blast Theory – Uncle Roy All ARound You (YouTube); Can you See my now (YouTube)

Finally, you are responsible for all the materials presented in class, including the presentations on programming. You can review all the slides by going to the schedule page.

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