Final exam (May 3: 9:00 to 10:50)

The final test will consist of multiple choice and short-answer questions. (The longest required answer will be one paragraph.) The test will last for 60 minutes, starting at 9:00. Please bring bluebooks with you and write in ink or dark pencil. You are responsible for the following readings and materials:

Bolter, MacIntyre, Gandy, Schweitzer, New Media and the Permament Crisis of Aura (Aura_Bolter–MacIntyre.pdf in Resource folder of t-square)

Grau, Virtual Art, Introduction (Grau_Ch1.pdf in Resource folder)

Gandy et al. “Experiences with an AR Evaluation Test Bed” (Presence-Grandy in Resource folder)

Auslander, Liveness, Chapter 1 and 2, (Auslander-Liveness.pdf in Resource folder)

Lombard and Ditton, At the Heart of It All” (Lombard and Ditton in Resource folder)

In addition, you are responsible for the following topics discussed in class;

Flow and Catharsis as media aesthetics

Google’s Project Glass as a platform for Mixed and Augmented Reality

AR vision tracking

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