You are expected to collaborate significantly in this class, EXCEPT for those parts of the class that are specifically designated as individual work.

Asking for help with Argon or technology issues, suggestions for how to accomplish certain things, and so on is fine even on these individual assignments;  as long as the project and prototype you create are yours.  The core part of the assignments we expect you to do yourself.  So, while you can look around to get a pointer on how to implement something, but you should then do the implementation in your assignment yourself.

Of course, the web is a complex thing, and the power of the web is in leveraging and composing web technologies and services.  If you leverage existing web services, or integrate projects or code you found on the net in your project, please acknowledge and document that content.

A good rule of thumb is that what you turn in should have a significant element of your work;  if you find that you are largely modifying some code you found somewhere, you should check with the instructors to make sure you are doing something reasonable.  The goal of the class is for YOU to demonstrate that you have learned how to do the assigned work.

If in doubt, ask.

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