Individual Pitch

For this pitch, you must pitch an idea for an augmented/mixed reality experience that you would find interesting.  The important part is that the idea you pitch is an experience, not a tool or program to look at information.  For example:

  • A tour of an historic site is an experience
  • A collection of historic facts geo-located at spots in an historic site would not be an experience
  • An interactive art piece could be an experience
  • Something that lets you see what the political contributions of houses near you would not be an experience
  • Something that leverages data about political contributions to lead someone through an interactive narrative through a city might be an experience

You should prepare three slides that can be presented in 20 seconds each, for a total time of 1 minute.  You should practice to be sure you can present them in that time, and then submit them by early Wednesday morning (Jan 18).  The slides must be created with PowerPoint or Keynote and should be as follows

  1. Your name and pitch title, plus a one sentence summary of the big idea
  2. A sketch or other visual mockup evoking what someone would see or experience from your prototype
  3. Some details of who the target audience is, where it would occur, how long the experience might last, etc

You will be graded based on (a) how well you present your idea, (b) that it represents a possibly  interesting experience for the target audience, and (c) the feasibility of creating such an experience with current (or near current) technology.

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