Below is a schedule for the class.  We will update this page if the schedule changes, and post to blog about the changes.

The numbers listed in the assignments and readings column (e.g., “1 (Azuma)”) refer to the corresponding entry on the resources page.

Jan 10 Introduction to class
(slide: 1-overview)
Jan 12 Introduction to MR/AR and MR/AR technology
(slide:  2-introAR.ppt)
 1 (Azuma), 4 (Barba)
Jan 17 Introduction to MR Experiences
(slides: 4-experience-design)
Experience report due 8am Monday 16th
Jan 19 Individual Project Pitches Pitch due 8am Wed 18th
Jan 24 Brainstorming and group formation
(slides: 5-brainstorming)
A0 out
Jan 26 AR Technology with Argon  3 (MacIntyre)
Jan 31 Hands on with Argon (bring laptops) A0 in (monday 8am), A1 out
Feb 2 Mobile Web Programming with Argon, GTMob  Slides PDF
Feb 7 AR Experience Case Studies (slides: Experience-design-cases)
Feb 9 Argon help session  Slides PDF
Feb 14 Group Project Pitches A1 In
Feb 16 Group Project Pitches
Feb 21 Blair&Jay out AR vision tracking (w/ Argon examples)
Feb 23  Jay out MIDTERM, A2 discussion A2 out
Feb 28 Design of Outdoor AR Experiences
March 1 Design of Outdoor AR Experiences
Drop Deadline
March 6 Flow and Narrative Experiences (See Bolter paper on Resource page)
March 8 Panoramas as Experiences (See Grau, Chapter 1 on Resource page) [for Panorama slides, please look in Resource folder of t-square]
March 13 Project Design Presentations
March 15 Project Design Presentations A2 In, Writeup Due (Friday)
March 20  BREAK
March 22  BREAK
March 27 in class work
March 29 in class work
April 3 Blair out Liveness and Presence (See papers in resource folder of t-square: Aura_Bolter-MacIntyre.pdf and Auslander-Liveness.pdf)liveness andontology-aura slides
April 5 Blair out Liveness and Presence (2 papers in resource folder of t-square: Lombard and Ditton and Presence-Gandy.
April 10 ALPHA PRESENTATION Alpha Materials Due
April 17 Jay out TBA
April 19 Jay out TBA
April 24 Final Presentations Final Materials Due
April 26 Final Presentations
May 3 8am-11am Final Exam

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