Experience Project Report

For this assignment, you are to find what you think is an interesting example of an AR or MR experience, and do a short blog post on the class blog (http://ael.gatech.edu/mrdesign) discussing it.  You example should have a video that you can embed in your post.

You MUST post your blog entry before 8am Monday Jan 16th.

Please add a link to the t-square wiki page “experience reports” with your name and the project name by it, so that each project is only done by one person.  (The first person to post a project link on the t-square wiki get that project, so put your link there before you bother to write the blog post!)

Your discussion should highlight why you like this example, and what kind of experience it inspires you to create for the class.  You descirption does not need to be long or too in depth, but it should be sufficient (when combined with the video) for the reader to understand what you are talking about.

If you choose something that is not exactly AR or MR, but is close and inspires you to envision an AR or MR experience, please be clear about that.

We have posted an example submission on the blog, which is of this later variety, for the interactive video “Highrise”.

You will be graded on the clarity of your discussion, and how well you convince the reader that this represents (or would represent) a compelling AR/MR experience.

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