Assignment 0: Simple Dynamic Argon Channel

For this assignment, you will create a simple, dynamic Argon channel.  You should start with the Argon sample BalloonRelative.kml.  This (and many other bits of Argon example code) is available on the Argon Developer site (

You should do the following:

  • On your hosting service of choice, create a program that will send a kml file when an appropriate URL is accessed.  This must be a server side program that generates and delivers a KML file, not something that sends a static file.  Ensure the MIME type is set correctly so the response to the URL is recognized as a KML file (e.g., the mime Content-Type should be application/
  • You should replace the Placemark name with your name.
  • The program should insert the current time (i.e., the time at which the server was accessed and the server program run) into the Placemark description.

Submit the URL to your program that should be accessed from Argon to run your submission.

The objectives of this assignment are to ensure each student

  • has set up and knows how to use a dynamic hosting service, as we have already suggested you begin learning.
  • has a working device to test and run Argon channels.

The assignment is due at 8am Monday January 30th.

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