AR Experience Report: Augmenting Indoor Spaces

This is one of Microsoft’s research projects in the field of augmented reality. This project involves the use of Environment-Aware Handheld Projecters to blur the lines between real and virtual space. There are three projectors along with the kinect systems and with this technology it becomes possible to merge the virtual world into the real world. Most of the uses of this technology are explained in more detail in the video. I believe that the technology can be classified as an AR/MR system as it not only augments reality but can be altered in real time through interaction with the user. It clearly satisfies the first two of Azuma’s charecteristics of AR, however the third is lacking. Projections are not exactly 3D, even though they can be made to seem that way.

Augmenting Indoor Spaces Using Interactive Environment-aware Handheld Projectors

Of the the many uses that are explained throughout the video, I find the idea of a smart room that coexists with virtual space most interesting. Having spent time in India where real space is lacking, this superimposition of the virtual world onto the real space within a room is amazing. It inspires me to work on ideas that can make rooms into something dynamic, living even. If the technology can be provided for common house-holds then the world would completely change. Our rooms and even homes could become living spaces. The fear of lack of space would be greatly diminished. Adding the interaction portion makes the entire experience seem more alive and the users do not feel automotized. Although it may be harder to implement on a mobile device, if done properly I feel it can change the way we live.