More AR for social change

The intent here is great, but two thoughts occur to me. 1) This ad is kind of ridiculous. It could have been done in such a more tasteful and effective way. I can actually see some young guys looking this up with their friends just to laugh, reinforcing sociopathic behavior instead of curbing it… that said, 2) until the interaction is more spontaneous — less steps/hurdles to make it work — very few people will ever experience it. Very likely NOT the folks who most need to. The most effective AR “social change’ experiences will be ones that are spontaneous and unexpected, like the Dutch billboard mentioned in my last post.

1 thought on “More AR for social change

  1. Interesting. I do agree with what you are saying; it’s not clear if this targets the right folks, but I’m a big fan of using such casual/spontaneous campaigns.

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