AR Experience Report: Augmented Reality on iPad seen via Vuzix glasses

In this example of Augmented Reality, the experience becomes possible through the iPad and Vuzix glasses. While wearing the Vuzix glasses and looking at the iPad, a 3D helicopter can be seen and manipulated in several ways. The main highlight of this video example is, in my mind, the aesthetics. It’s pretty awesome to see in use as the helicopter can be taken apart, rotate in any direction, fire missiles, or change skin color. While this specific example might not be the most useful (what would I do with a helicopter?), I began imagining ways in which this technology could support a better purpose. For example, if this was integrated into a Nike catalog, I could browse and pull up certain shoes, modify the colors, and actually see what shoe size I would need. This would redefine the shopping experience. I could order shoes without having to send them back because they were made too small or large. While we will be only working with 2D models, this example still inspires me to see if online shopping could be changed to create an actual shopping experience.