“Follow Me” Augmented Reality Navigation

Route 66 Maps + Navigation is an Android app featuring a unique, real-time augmented reality tool referred to as, “Follow Me.”  Follow Me relies on mobile augmented reality technology and on the metaphor of following other vehicles to provide real-time navigational feedback to motorists en route to their destination.  The tool overlays a 3D AR visualization of a navigational route on top of a mobile device’s live camera feed.  A three-dimensional model of a car positioned ahead of the user is situated atop the path.  The model car relies on the user’s GPS data to follow the projected path, activating its own turn signals in advance of upcoming turns and exits.  This 3D route plus virtual leader assists the user’s anticipation of the route ahead.

Follow Me is a compelling example of a practical AR experience executed within the confines of current-generation mobile technology; a welcome complement to the growing number of AR apps focused on proof-of-concept, non-practical tech demos.  Follow Me will serve as a useful model to consider in the design of my own navigation/map-related AR experiences.