AR Experience Report: Gunman

Gunman is a game in which your phone becomes a weapon sight. It is available for iPhone and Android (the latest Android version is called Paintball). The authors claim it to be an AR game, but I disagree according to the definitions we have discussed in class. The main point is that there is no registration of virtual elements with the environment; only a fixed HUD with a scope aiming at the center of the screen and some information about ammo and hits/misses is mixed with the camera image.

The technology behind the game, according to what the authors explain in their webpage, is basically a color detection algorithm they have developed and trained under different lighting conditions. When starting a new game, players select their opponent’s shirt color. Therefore, the phone does not really know if you are shooting your opponent, a random person or even at some drawing that has the color you selected!

This game inspires me to create a real AR application to simulate Laser Tag combats. Using registration, localization and a map of the area, this game could be played both indoors and outdoors and include a variety of modes: capture the base, eliminate the other team, protect the VIP member…