Panorama Sticher by Microsoft

I know that most are using photosynth to create as it was shown in class. Microsoft has a full proper sticher that can create Panos out of huge collection of image. Currently I am generating high resolution Panos using 200 images and just wanted to share with everyone as it can aid in their future projects in this class.

Below is a high resolution panorama of tech square.

Augmented Reality : Cinema Tourism

We travel around the world and more often then not, we will will visit places that are featured in a particular movie or some major news or event happen. This application even though do not qualify as a true augmented reality by Azuma, it does not overlay 3d  nor does it show the real environment behind it, is a nifty idea to bring to life a place that was used for some production. In this case it is a movie but many things are recorded everyday, from news to documentary and historical events. A featured movie replay or a maybe a documentary of this locations history in the scene brings about much more value to the place then just listening to what happened or how it was used.

The idea itself entices me the most as imagine a travelling device, be it a mobile phone or viewing glasses, with advances in matching and rendering, we could easily overlay events as its viewed or even reverse the time line. From the time when the movie used the place for a shoot to a historical event that happened a few decades back, the user may “rewind” time and view overlayed footage rather then  just text, a definite plus to any experience.