Holoflector – an interactive augmented-reality mirror

Holoflector uses a translucent mirror with a LCD panel behind it. The kinect camera is used to get the depth data, while the phone is used to as a form of positioning device.

This is not in any sense a traditional ‘augmented reality’ application, but  its worth while watching to see where AR technology might be heading.

AR Experience Report 1: Human Pacman

The “Human Pacman” was mixed reality take on the classic PacMan game by the Mixed Reality Lab of National University of Singapore. The idea behind it is such that each players starts off in a physical location and move along the grid that appears before them through their hmd. The main aim is to collect the cookies, that appears infront of them in a form of augmented objects while trying to evade ghosts, who are fellow players. A mix of sensors as well as devices are used to bring the augmented reality experience to live, not limited to the GPS tracking and HMDs.

Why i like this experience would be because of its novel use of participants in game like environment together with augmented reality. Additionally also due to the fact that the idea brings to live a classic game that most people would have played before but giving it an augmented/real life twist, it brings about a cool factor. Thus inspiring me to create AR/MR applications that gives the experience of bringing to life games that  they might have played before in a normal environment like a computer or a board game. I am also inspired on how the game game-mixed reality example can be done without the need for the heavy equipment. Another inspiration that this project gives me would be the ubiquity of how the entire experience is and should be.