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MacIntyre discusses AR and Future Headworn Displays in the Context of the Google Glasses rumors

Google Hiring Augmented-Reality Experts Amid Rumors of HUD Glasses Wired –  February 27, 2012  As rumors swirl around Google’s plans to announce head-up display glasses by the end of the year, the company has quietly begun advertising for a designer and engineer responsible for augmented-reality mapping.  . . .We talked with Blair MacIntyre, director of …

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Comments on possible Google Glasses

Comments by Blair MacIntyre on Google’s possible “AR Glasses” picked up by a number of news outlets. How Google Glasses Could Create ‘Augmented Reality’ by Year’s End Mother Nature Networth – February 23, 2012 (Tech News Daily) From a technical standpoint, a pair of commercially available, augmented reality glasses by Google are very possible by the …

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