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AR-Enabled Web

Since the year 2000, the AEL has pursed a series of projects aimed at integrated Augmented Reality with the WWW, with the goal of bringing us closer to the dream of a pervasive AR environment that surrounds us in our everyday life. This work started with as project called the Real-World Wide Web, and has led to the creation of Argon, the world’s first standards-based Augmented Reality (AR) web browser. The goal of Argon is to bring AR to the masses through a web-centric platform model – just like your favorite web browser. And just like the Web, Argon makes it easy for just about anyone to experience, experiment, and deliver AR experiences, for work or play.

Argon: An open-standards AR web browser

Argon is a standards-based Augmented Reality (AR) web browser. The goal of Argon is to make AR accessible to the widest possible group of developers and users through a web-centric platform model. The development of Argon and its applications (as an AR research platform as well as for commercial uses,  tours and cultural heritage, dramatic experiences, …


GTour is a campus-wide Mixed Reality tour of the Georgia Tech Campus. The tour is based on the existing campus walking tour familiar to anyone who has applied to college. Apart from being a self-facilitated MR version of this tour, GTour is also built to be accessed remotely, providing a similar experience to being on …

KHARMA: KML/HTML Augmented Reality Mobile Architecture

An Open Platform for Delivering Mobile Augmented Reality Experiences The KML/HTML Augmented Reality Mobile Architecture, KHARMA, is a new open architecture for augmented reality that lets users create content using the HTML and JavaScript web development tools already in widespread use today. In contrast to the proprietary AR browser solutions currently available, this approach allows …

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