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As Massive Multiplayer Online Worlds (MMO) become more popular in today’s society, there becomes an increased desire to experience these ‘Worlds’ in a mobile setting.  MMOs have morphed into a new form of communication that has been stictly tied to a full computing setting but as the society evolves to use mobile devices for other communication mediums,  MMOs need to also evolve.  To that end, ARSecondLife needs to also evolve to work on a mobile platform which will levege new techniques of Human Computer Interaction. We have developed a system which allows the users to work mobilely and see their avatar in a miniturized scale on a small table and able to see the surrounding world and navigate and interact with the virtual world as it exist in a mobile real world setting.


    • Lisa Destiche on June 28, 2012 at 1:45 pm


    I am interested in learning more about how to access Second Life on smart phones and tablets.

    I am a former HS Chemistry (Special Ed) teacher. I am very familiar with SL and think it is an outstanding tool for education. I have a Samsung Galaxy S and am thinking of purchasing an Android tablet. I don’t know how to download SL and would love your advice!

    1. Hi Lisa, that project was just a research prototype; I don’t know how you might access SL on mobiles, I haven’t looked at the status of that for a few years!

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