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Argon: An open-standards AR web browser

ARgonIsototpeArgon is a standards-based Augmented Reality (AR) web browser. The goal of Argon is to make AR accessible to the widest possible group of developers and users through a web-centric platform model. The development of Argon and its applications (as an AR research platform as well as for commercial uses,  tours and cultural heritage, dramatic experiences, and personal expression) has been a major focus of the AEL since 2009.  For a full description, go to the  Argon website.


Argon2 Isotope
Argon2 Isotope is the current version of Argon and is programmed using familiar web technologies: html5, css3, javascript, as well as media content (images, audio, video). 3D graphics is provided by an integrated version of the popular javascript framework: three.js. To create a complete AR experience: Male an html file together with additional javascript, css, and media files as needed. Upload these files to your web server. Any user with the Argon browser and Internet access can then load your experience. This strategy allows developers to leverage their existing web and graphics skills and assets.


Argon2 Isotope features include:
  • AR support: background video, gps and orientation tracking all provided seamlessly by the Argon app itself
  • Placemarks: geolocations in the world with associated data
  • Geospots: specified geolocations that override the GPS for higher precision
  • 3D graphics: provided by three.js graphics.
  • Panoramas: support for 360º photos that replace the background video
  • Feature tracking: provided by the Vuforia tracking system
  • 2D graphics and web design: html and javascript for features that can be implemented in the Webkit-based browsers (e.g. mobile Safari).



The previous version of Argon implemented  KHARMA, a hybrid language of KML and HMTL. The KHARMA project is described separately. Argon1 is still available in the Apple App Store.

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