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Interactive Trackable

This project explores the interaction techniques made possible by combining a multitouch input modality with trackable markers on a display, i.e, “Interactive Trackables”. An Interactive Trackable can be any multitouch device which can render trackable images on the display. 3D AR is perceived with a secondary display, either on a mobile device, or an HMD.

One concept that has been explored for Interactive Trackables is a hybrid (2D/3D) user interfaces. Such a hybrid user interface element is portrayed below (a kind of menu / item selector). The currently selected item is represented in 2D (a teapot in this case). When seen through an AR capable device, the 3D representation of the same user interface element may expand to show the currently selected item (3d teapot), along with other selectable items.

This hybrid 2D/3D list selector expands with an animation when the user touches it on the surface of the interactive trackable. A blending of digital devices, multi-dimensional interactions, and multi-dimensional interface elements can be imagined.


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