AEL research is diverse, reflecting the wide range of interests of the members.  We explore enabling technologies for AR and MR system, design and reflect on games and experiences, and investigate the relationships between humans and AR technologies.  Below are links to many of the projects, past and present, associated with the lab.

Current Projects

AR-Enabled Web

Since the year 2000, the AEL has pursed a series of projects aimed at integrated Augmented Reality with the WWW, with the goal of bringing us closer to the dream of a pervasive AR environment that surrounds us in our everyday life. This work started with as project called the Real-World Wide Web, and has …

Art and Expression

In the 1990s Augmented Reality as a technology was largely limited to the laboratory. In recent years, however, the increasing popularity and capabilities of smart phones and tablets have provided a new broad platform for certain kinds of AR applications and in the process have transformed AR (and location-based MR) into a significant new medium …

Authoring Tools

In our research, we believe that potential long-term impact of creative applications of AR is immense, especially as a medium for dramatic and narrative experiences in domains such as education and entertainment. A guiding principle of our work is that we should build tools that allow experienced designers to leverage their existing design practices and tools, rather …

Collaborative Systems

Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage sites (monuments, battlefields, cemeteries, museums, and so on) constitute an important new field for AR and MR applications. AR can be used to enhance the “aura” of a site to give the visitor a deeper sense of its history and significance.  The AEL has been involved in cultural heritage applications (particularly for  sites …

Enabling Technology

An essential aspect of Augmented Reality applications is their interaction with the physical world, and a users perception of that interaction.  In our research, we have focused on the effects of mis-registration between the physical and virtual content, and how to ameliorate it with adaptive algorithms.  We have also investigated techniques for creating photo-realistic and …


One major research and design activity in the lab is the design, prototyping, and studying of AR and MR games.  We are interested in any games that mix physical and virtual worlds, but are particular interested in those where the world plays a key role in the gameplay.  We are interested in fully immersive AR …

MR Narrative

Members of the AEL are engaged in a long-term initiative to explore the possibilities of the mixed-reality narratives.  These narrative experiences can be eclectic combinations of digital forms, including web-based multimedia with location-specific, location-aware, and AR applications. We are particularly interested in narratives that can be experienced on tablets and smartphones—often in the specific locations described or …

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