Blair MacIntyre

Blair MacIntyre is a Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Tech, where he has directed the GVU Center's Augmented Environments Lab since 1999. He has been conducting Augmented Reality research since 1991, with the goal of understanding the potential of AR as a new medium for games, entertainment, education and work. He has collaborated on a variety of AR gaming and entertainment projects over the years, on handheld, head-worn and projected AR displays.

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Blair MacIntyre featured on World Economic Forum AR web site

AEL Director Blair MacIntyre is featured on the World Economic Forum’s website, which has a slideshare of his presentation at the “Summer Davos” meeting in China last spring, along with a video highlighting his views on the future of Augmented Reality.  See it at

MacIntyre quoted in articles on Google’s Project Glass

In his blog, AEL Director Blair MacIntyre discusses the pitfalls of Google’s mockup video of the potential of Project Glass, their wearable computing project that puts a small heads-up display in the users peripheral vision. His comments and further analysis were picked up in a series of news stories in (among other places) Wired, The …

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MacIntyre discusses AR and Future Headworn Displays in the Context of the Google Glasses rumors

Google Hiring Augmented-Reality Experts Amid Rumors of HUD Glasses Wired –  February 27, 2012  As rumors swirl around Google’s plans to announce head-up display glasses by the end of the year, the company has quietly begun advertising for a designer and engineer responsible for augmented-reality mapping.  . . .We talked with Blair MacIntyre, director of …

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Comments on possible Google Glasses

Comments by Blair MacIntyre on Google’s possible “AR Glasses” picked up by a number of news outlets. How Google Glasses Could Create ‘Augmented Reality’ by Year’s End Mother Nature Networth – February 23, 2012 (Tech News Daily) From a technical standpoint, a pair of commercially available, augmented reality glasses by Google are very possible by the …

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MacIntyre quoted in story about Google’s “Solve for X”

Google Mashes Up Eggheads’ Big Ideas With Solve for X Tech News World  – February 7, 2012 Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) has launched a new program devoted to fostering discussions and ideas among leaders in the science and technology industries. The project, dubbed “”Solve for X,” aims to be a seeding ground for solutions to some …

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