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Engberg and Bolter are guest editors for issue of Convergence on AR/MR

Maria Engberg and Jay Bolter are guest editors of the February 2014 issue of the journal Convergence. They present a set of papers by eight media studies scholars and artists on the significance of AR and MR for cultural expression. Here is an excerpt from their opening editorial: The widespread availability of smart phones in …

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Single-Narrative, Multiple Point-of-View Dramatic Experiences in Augmented Reality

Abstract Researchers and practitioners working on story-based experiences in virtual environments often make two assumptions. One assumption is that, in order to be compelling, such experiences must enable the user to make significant choices that alter the outcome of the story. Another is that virtual environments constitute a revolutionary new medium and therefore that the …

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Integrating Virtual and Physical Context to Support Knowledge Workers

Abstract The Kimura system augments and integrates independent tools into a pervasive computing system that monitors a users interactions with the computer, an electronic whiteboard, and a variety of networked peripheral devices and data sources. Reference Voida, Stephen; Mynatt, Elizabeth D.; MacIntyre, Blair and Corso, Gregory M. “Integrating Virtual and Physical Context to Support Knowledge …

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Automatic partitioning for prototyping ubiquitous computing applications

Abstract One of the main challenges facing ubiquitous computing research and development is the difficulty of writing software for complex, heterogeneous distributed applications. In this paper, we evaluate automatic application partitioning as an approach to rapid prototyping of ubiquitous computing systems. Our approach allows developers to largely ignore distribution issues when developing their applications, by …

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