Late Policy

Late submission will have 25% taken off the grade immediately, and an additional 25% taken off for each additional day.  A day is 24 hours from the specific time the assignment is due (e.g., if something is due at 6am Monday, and it turned in at 6:01am Monday, it is 25% off;  if it’s turned in at 5:59am Tuesday, it’s 25% off but will be 50% off at 6:00am Tuesday).

Collaboration with SCAD-Atlanta and the Berklee School of Music

This semester, we are going to try an experiment in collaboration.

First, students will be offered the opportunity to apply to join a group of students in the Game program at SCAD-Atlanta (the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Atlanta campus) and work on a game project there.  The project there will be much more process-oriented, and the groups will be made up of students from SCAD and (hopefully) GT (and possibly even SPSU).  The students who join those groups will be required to do some additional work at GT before SCAD begins their quarter, and after the quarter ends; this will be discussed directly with those students.  Tony Tseng from SCAD will be supervising the SCAD classes, with participation from the GT instructors (Maribeth and Blair).

Second, we will be collaborating with students from the Berklee School of Music in Boston, where students in their Video Game Scoring classes and clubs will be available to join our groups, and create original scores and sounds for the games.  This is an amazing opportunity to both improve the quality of your prototypes, but also gain experience working in a realistic game programming situation.  Michael Sweet, from Berklee, will do a video presentation on how this will work.

Wecome to CS4455, Fall 2011!

We will be using this blog to share information about the class.  We will use t-square for sharing files, and other academic information, but we would like the information about the class to be presented in a more publicly accessible way.