Group Idea Presentation Pitch

On September 8th, each group will do a extremely fast presentation of their game idea.   You will use 3 slides in this Pitch-format.  You will turn in your slides to us by 9am that morning, Thursday September 8th.  (via t-square).

We will put all of the pitches into a single file with timed transitions.  You will have 1 minute to present your slides, with 20 seconds per slide.  The slides will advance AUTOMATICALLY.

You should think about EXACTLY what you will say on each slide;  do not just read what is there, and do not cram your slides full of extra information.  At normal talking speed, this is likely ~40 words per slide.

We will give brief feedback, so that the total time per group will be less than 3 minutes.

The 6 prototypes should be “general ideas” of what you will be exploring;  except the first one, which should already be underway.  Each prototype should have the name of the group member who will do it listed beside it.  Each person should do one in the first three, and one in the second three.

7 thoughts on “Group Idea Presentation Pitch

  1. I’m still a little confused on what the prototypes are suppose to be. Do you think we could get a more in depth explanation, or maybe even an example of a game that already exists? Thanks.

    • Great question: this is the topic for next tuesday’s class! If we have time on Thursday, we can talk a bit about it, to help you think about it on the weekend. Maribeth and I will also be giving some (terse) examples Thursday, as part of a discussion of “this is what a set of pitch slides look like.”

    • Use the three slide format we posted; if you want to change the actual format (color, background, etc) that’s fine. I think powerpoint will deal with it!

      • Actually I meant like .ppt or .pptx etc but I’ll just use the format you use for the example for that as well.

  2. Hey, does everyone have to turn in a powerpoint or just a single member from every group? T-Square doesn’t seem to want me to submit this morning, but I know at least one of the other members on my team already turned in the slides.

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